Corinne McKay – Expand Your Direct Client Base With Warm Emails and Paper Campaigns

Corinne's session is available until Friday, June 17 @ 2:00 pm CEST 


Corinne McKay shows us how to apply warm emails, paper campaigns, and much more to attract direct clients. Corinne is an ATA-certified French to English translator based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She has been a full-time freelancer since 2002, specializing in international development, corporate communications, and non-fiction book translation. In addition to her own translation work, Corinne writes books and teaches courses for other freelance translators: her book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, has sold over 12,000 copies, and her blog, Thoughts on Translation - now renamed Training for Translators - won the ProZ community choice award for best blog about translation. Corinne served on the Board of the American Translators Association for seven years, culminating with a term as ATA president from 2017-2019.

Resources mentioned:

Ed Gandia's podcast, High Income Business Writing

Speaking of Translation's episode with Joanne Archambault

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