Joy Phillips 

Alternative Pricing & Project Structures

Joy's session is available until Sunday, June 19 @ 2:00 pm CEST 


Joy Phillips shares her thoughts on pricing & project structures, with a particular focus on retainer agreements. Joy is a court-certified Dutch>English translator, author’s editor, copywriter and content synthesizer with 25 years of experience in helping fiction writers, researchers, companies, NGOs and government agencies convey their concepts to a broader international audience. Strong focus on climate and environment, IT and telecom, technology and innovation, public health and epidemiology, and creative design; fiercely dedicated to keeping her industry-specific knowledge up to par.

Joy is an inveterate bookaholic and irrepressible extrovert who has lived more than half her life over 9000 km from where she was born. To this day, she is fascinated by language, food, coffee & speculative fiction. Over the past years, she has invested an improbable amount of time in establishing a small network of trusted colleagues, The Language Collective, to serve her customers better. Over the past two years, this expert team of collaborating language professionals has worked on a wide range of projects, including crisis communications and adverse event reporting for public health authorities in several countries. Although TLC is not looking for new partners at this time, Joy is always happy to discuss options for targeted coaching.

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