Martina Eco
Creating a Social Media Strategy That Works

Martina's session is available until Friday, June 17 @ 2:00 pm CEST 


Martina Eco reveals how we can create an effective social media strategy without wasting time online. Martina is a coffee-fuelled, pizza-loving Italian translator based in London. She's the owner and director of 3P Translation, a company that helps English-speaking SMEs in the food, tourism, travel and hospitality industries grow internationally by providing bespoke translation and interpreting services. 

Martina also works as a business and marketing consultant at London South Bank University, and she supports other translators by giving workshops on marketing, business planning and business development in and outside of London. 

When she’s not working, you will find her headbanging at a rock gig, or browsing through CDs in a charity shop.

If you want to get in touch with Martina, visit or connect on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn.

Resources to help with your market research: Mintel, Key Note, MarketLine, Euromonitor

Tools to help you schedule content: Hootsuite, Buffer, Hubspot, MeetEdgar  

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