Nadia FinerHow to Use Your Shyness as an Asset in Your Business

Nadia's session is available until Tuesday, June 15 @ 2:00 pm CEST 


I’m Nadia Finer, and I’m on a softly-spoken mission to help shy people be more mighty. I'm the host of the Shy and Mighty podcast and a coach specializing in shyness. People call me the Shycologist.

I know what it’s like to struggle with shyness. You see, all my life I’ve had a little voice. Really little. The kind of voice that makes random people tell me that I should be a cartoon voice-over actress. A voice so little that when strangers ring my house phone, they ask me to put my mum on the phone. It’s no wonder I’m often shy and self-conscious!

I have spent the last 13 years helping people of all ages overcome their fears and insecurities so that they can step out of the shadows and achieve big things, without changing who they really are.

I'm writing a new book called Shy and Mighty, (published by Quercus) as well as a book about shyness for kids.

I’ve travelled the world, speaking at international conferences, and have appeared in the Guardian, Radio 4,, The Telegraph, The Independent, HR Magazine and on BBC Radio London.



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