Nicole König – From Pricing to Survive to Pricing to Thrive

Nicole's session is available until Wednesday, Jul 15 @ 2:00 pm CET 


Nicole König takes you to the land of healthy bottom lines and gives practical tips on how to get there. Nicole is an eco-warrior in the body of a German American translator|copywriter and semi-professional book collector (it’s not hoarding if it’s books!). Her niche: books, authors and emp[owe]resses that champion equality, entrepreneurship, and environmental protection.

Nicole believes in the positive change created through kindness and collaboration between wordsmiths of all kinds: authors, bloggers, copywriters, editors, interpreters, journalists, poets, publishers, translators.

She founded The Content School (and its German version: Die Marketing-Schreibschule), The Buddhified Business Network, The Buddhified Business Podcast, and the Facebook group Marketing for Wordsmiths, and teaches mindful marketing strategy and her R.I.C.H. Content method to change-makers who want to build their gift into an all-around nourishing business.

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